• Kitchens

    We can either build a kitchen
    of your own design or work with
    one of our designers to create
    your perfect kitchen. All of our
    trades do great work, work well
    together, and will give you a
    wonderful finished product.
    We hope you choose us and our
    team for your future kitchen
    project no matter how big or
    how small.
  • Bathrooms

    As small as bathrooms may be
    they still require nearly as
    much organizing as a full home
    reno. It can be quite a task on
    your own however we are here to
    help. Our team can help you to
    design and build the bathroom
    you wish you had but couldnt
    have imagined.
  • Living Spaces

    Let us transform any room in
    your home in to a true living
    space, one that you can look
    forward to spending time in and
    cant wait to get back too.
    Installation of new and old
    technologies. Wire management.
    Right down to the flooring it's
    self. we've got you covered!
  • ...And the many other services we offer

    We offer many services from
    basic maintenance and repairs
    around your home to replacing
    windows and doors. From
    installing new floors to
    building you a patio or deck.
    From additions on your home
    to the perfectly landscaped
    yard. We can do it all!

Welcome To Mountain Peak Developments

We are a father and son team dedicated to quality building and hard work. Building off our own hands on experience or organizing and managing a number of trades to bring the best results to your home renovation, new buildings and any other projects you have in mind. Along with us, work trades we have used, known and trusted for many years to bring a constant quality of worksmanship to all of the projects we work on.

We hope that no matter what your next project is that you choose us and our trades to work with you as a team to bring you the results you want and the quality that we gaurantee.

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