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About Patrick (Father)

Back in 1988 Patrick started out as a framer, he tried a few commercial companies and learnt a lot about building though he wasn't really enjoying the work. He decided that perhaps residential would be more his place and began looking for a builder to work for. He came across a successful family man who loved what he did and loved sharing his work with others. This is where Patrick learned many of the skills of his trade along with the demeanor in which to conduct himself in the business of residential building. After working for the builder for a few years the builder decided to retire and Patrick decided it was time to start a company of his own, Mountain Peak Developments. Mountain Peak has been incorporated now for 25 Years and will be for many more as Patrick's son Brandon is now building his own family and learning the trade.

About Brandon (Son)

Brandon has grown up in the industry and enviroment of building his whole life, from watching his father build their family home to now working for Patrick full time for the last 3 years. Brandon started out at Mountain Peak as young as 10 sweeping up job sites and doing other little jobs. He started working full time during the summer in 2008 and year round in 2011. He has learned how to do everything from forming and pouring foundations to finishing work on the interior and exterior of homes and everything in the middle. Every once in a while he needs a reminder from dear ole dad but he knows what hes doing.

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